5 Best Practices to Web Design Layouts

5 Best Practices to Web Design Layouts

A website is a fundamental aspect of any business. It exposes your brand to millions of users and showcases your expertise in a certain niche. With a functional website, you will draw more traffic, enjoy improved conversions and profits.

But wait a minute! This comes with lots of hard work. First of all, you should choose a good web layout and have SEO experts optimize choose the right keywords. Most companies seek SEO Services Sunshine Coast to optimize their sites; pages to improve their search engine rankings. And doing this will benefit your business in numerous ways.

What are the best practices for a website layout?

  1. Visual weight& White space

 Key images on your website should carry a strong visual force.

Therefore, introduce them in specific elements using various techniques. The best way to achieve this is using negative or white space. The space contains no elements and separates various aspects and elements like text and images.

 The negative space draws more attention to your features, outweighing the rest due to its visual force. Using the white space as required will improve readability by about 20%. The size of the white space should reflect the pauses that a user takes when reading your text.

  1. Sections for certain audiences

 How you organize your website determines how users shift from one section to another. However, having a section for a certain audience works best. For instance, if you stock both male and female apparel, have distinct sections for each in your layout. The split allows you to post engaging content targeting a certain audience on each segment.

  1. Break from the norm

Most websites feature traditional layouts, but more daring layouts will entice more users. Breaking away from the norm means unexpected elements and arrangements within the page, and the experience will stand out, making users want more. The web design Brisbane specialists will take through different new web layouts that will keep users coming back to enjoy the exceptional experience.

  1. Create visual tension for catchy layouts

 Visual tension in a website layout strains the user’s eyes and focuses attention on the main elements of a page. It’s brought about by the contrast of space and color and is easily noticeable if intertwined in a perfect balance of the elements. The role of visual tension is to stimulate users to break from the web surfer routine and allow them to process the information differently.

  1. Use different focal points to draw attention.

 A focal point in your website layout can be an image, heading, or a call to action. Integrating them into your page determines how they stand and capture the user’s attention to certain elements. Why use a focal point? This draws the users, making it easy for them to convert and take the action you want them to take.

A quick wrap up

There are different website designs and layouts, and it’s vital to hire the best web design company. If seeking a professional company, hire an experienced company with years of experience and enjoy boosted traffic, sales and revenue.