Enhance your reach, and exude empathy to customers with conversational messaging

Enhance your reach, and exude empathy to customers with conversational messaging

Customers want conversations and relationships that improve their lives — messages that help them rather than overwhelm or distract them. Prospects and customers want to have agency about how and when they’re contacted. If you can send the right messages to them, you’ll receive more opens, clicks, engagements, and, eventually, conversions.

Omnichannel messaging and conversational messaging are both arts and sciences. With the right omnichannel software, you can reach prospects and existing customers when and where they’re open to receiving your marketing messages.

What Is Omnichannel Messaging?

Omnichannel messaging is a subset of omnichannel marketing. Omnichannel marketing is a way to create connections with customers over different channels. Widely, this can include social media, phone, text, and chatbots. Omnichannel messaging focuses on text-based ways to maintain communications with your customers. Omnichannel messaging typically includes text marketing and SMS campaigns, conversational messaging via a chat system installed on a website, social media marketing, and other means of communicating with the prospect or customer via text.

Marketing Through Mitto: Improve Customers’ Lives

Mitto is a leading provider of global omnichannel communications. Mitto’s platform provides analytics, the ability to route a customer to the most qualified person to answer their needs in the least amount of time, and the incorporation of a customer relations management system (CRM). There is a large amount of customization possible within Mitto’s tools, in addition to pre-built tools and integrations, making the software easy to get off the ground.

Mitto offers Pay-As-You-Go pricing, providing the flexibility you need to ensure it’s a good fit for you.

Why Choose Conversational Messaging?

Many customers and prospects prefer conversational messaging, especially Gen Z and millennials. They aren’t interested in calling you on the phone. They want to keep brand communication simple, and that means reaching out to you via social media or text message.

Have you ever seen an impressive interview? Skilled journalists are generally also practiced storytellers, and they do successful interviews more like a conversation between themselves and their interview subjects. This puts the interview subject at ease and allows for deeper, more honest questions. It creates trust, even if there’s a camera nearby. Conversational messaging is similar — it’s a back-and-forth centered around the customer’s needs and concerns. Instead of responding with a link to an FAQ, a human customer service representative can provide an empathetic conversation that eases the customer’s burden.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting there, too — its ability to impersonate a human grows by the day. If you’re interested in automated chatbot solutions, especially when it comes to routing customers to the correct human representative, that’s something Mitto can do for you as well.

Avoid Oversaturation with Multichannel Marketing

Have you ever regretted joining an email list because you receive several emails per day from someone? It’s incredibly annoying when the emails need to be more relevant to you or match your expectations when receiving their marketing messages. Maybe you wanted informative blogs or coupons, and all you’re getting is sales pressure.

With multichannel marketing, we eliminate some of the customer frustration present in more traditional digital marketing. Much of omnichannel messaging is inbound, especially on social media when it comes to private messaging. Still, your text marketing and SMS campaigns can be particularly effective based on time. For example, political candidates ramp up their text marketing as important election dates approach — or they reach their constituents to invite them to a conversation about a vital voter topic.

While a customer might not want to hear about your sale in the middle of their workday in the summer, they might appreciate that message the day before Black Friday. Mitto can help you examine the landscape and decide when it’s best to reach your customers and what it’s best to offer. Mitto can also help you set up two-way SMS, allowing customers to respond with concerns or questions directly from their phones.

If you’re ready to embrace inbound conversational messaging (especially on social media), master omnichannel messaging, and improve your SMS campaigns, consider Mitto your omnichannel communications superhero.