Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It In 2022?

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It In 2022?

Coding Bootcamps have become extremely popular over the last few years among first-time professionals and working individuals looking to land well-paying jobs in the tech industry.  

These short-term, intensive coding courses with a practical learning curriculum are often seen as an alternative to full-time university computer science programs. 

And with the demand for tech jobs escalating rapidly in this digital world, coding Bootcamp courses are also complementary to university programs. Coding Bootcamps facilitate increased access to tech education for more people. 

All that said, many are still somewhat doubtful as to the actual worth of a coding Bootcamp course. Companies like ThriveDX and others offer various coding programs to learn, all from an online environment. 

In particular, most appear to be wondering whether a 4-month long course, be it in software or web development, cybersecurity, UI/UX design, data science & analytics, or digital marketing, can help a student acquire the skill sets required for a sustainable career in the tech industry. 

Some Vital Stats Regarding Online Bootcamp Courses 

The following stats are prepared from data gathered by Course Report, the most comprehensive Bootcamp review site. 

According to a 2019 survey, the average first job salary of coding Bootcamp graduates was $70,698, with the median salary reading at $66,964. 

For people already working, that is an almost $24k or 51% increase in salaries compared to what they were earning at their previous jobs. This last piece of stat includes both people who joined a coding Bootcamp for a career change or the purpose of upskilling.

The average salary of coding Bootcamp graduates at their 2nd job is $80,943, and at their 3rd job, $99,229. 

More than 82% of coding Bootcamp graduates found jobs that required the skills learned during their online coding Bootcamp course within 3-6 months after completing the course. 

Job prospects

As technology continues to increase rapidly, it is predicted that many traditional jobs and positions will become fast obsolete. 

On the other hand, many new roles will continue to emerge with the evolution of technology. For instance, it is reported that 133 million new tech jobs will be created in the next few years. 

In particular, the demand for various coding jobs is predicted to grow rapidly through the decade’s end. 

Here is what the Bureau of Labor Statistics predictions tell us:

  • Web developer jobs — Growth rate: 8%, median starting salary (as per 2019): $73,760
  • Cybersecurity jobs– Growth rate: 31%, median starting salary (as per 2019): $99,730
  • Software developer jobs — Growth rate: 22%, median starting salary (as of 2019): $107,510
  • Data science & analytics/IT manager jobs — Growth rate: 10%, median starting salary (as per 2019): $146,360

Now, as for the costs associated with Bootcamp courses offered by ThriveDX and other online programs, Course Report tells us that the average tuition for coding Bootcamps in the United States is $11,874. 

On the other hand, according to the College Board, average tuition fees for attaining a 4-year bachelor’s degree in US state colleges were $10,240 (for state residents) and $26,310 (for everyone else) in 2018/19; the fees went up to an average of $35,840 at nonprofit colleges.   

However, coding Bootcamp graduates earn significantly more than average bachelor’s degree holders. Coding Bootcamp graduates earn an average starting salary of $70,698 compared to $59,124 for an average bachelor’s degree holder. 

Further, the tuition cost difference between 4-year college computer science programs and Bootcamp courses at ThriveDX is astonishing. Again, according to Course Report, you must be ready to pay anything in the vicinity of $163,000 or more for college programs.  

So, are coding Bootcamps worth your time and money in 2022? Well, all the above stats and numbers should suffice to quell any doubts one may have about investing in coding Bootcamp courses. 

That said, one should still consider a few things before taking the jump. 

Things To Consider When Jumping Into An Online Coding Bootcamp

A picture of two people working on coding on their computers.

Although a coding Bootcamp can pave the way for a high-paying and successful career, do consider if you have the right mindset and temperament for working in a tech job. Remember that a well-paying job is not the only metric for satisfaction and fulfillment.

More importantly, note that all coding Bootcamps are not created equal, so you must make sure to invest your time and money in the right place. ThriveDX is a great place to start when looking at courses, as it offers one of the country’s top-rated online coding Bootcamp courses. 

Conduct your research at Course Report and CIRR (Council on Integrity in Results Reporting) and read LinkedIn reviews from Bootcamp alumni to find Bootcamps that deliver.

Finally, never forget the word ‘intensive’ when preparing to join a Bootcamp. Bootcamps may be short-term (hence the name), but during that time, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort and hard work. 

You’ll need to work like crazy to take in all that new knowledge and make it a part of you within such a short duration. 

Many benefits outweigh the potential cons of joining an online coding Bootcamp like those offered at ThriveDX and other coding companies. 

Although it may be a lot of work, it will be worth it as tech jobs and salaries continue to increase. 

If you are interested in jumping into an online coding Bootcamp, do your research, and sign up for a course but visit company websites like ThriveDX to learn which program is right for you.