7 Questions To Ask Your Website Designer

7 Questions To Ask Your Website Designer

Choosing a website designer often appears to be challenging and complicated. It’s as difficult as choosing a gift for a girlfriend. Use these guidelines to narrow down your website designer choice to ensure that you get a good, functional website design that meets or surpasses your expectations.

  1. Check their portfolio

A portfolio works as a designer’s catalog where you can find their previous work. A portfolio helps you gain more about the firm and what type of work quality they deliver.

Ask a developer to show their work. Ensure that the sites they display are still online – if the sites are no longer in existence, the portfolio isn’t up to date.

If they show thumbnails, check that the original site looks like the thumbnail. If the actual site is not looking like a thumbnail, that’s a possible indication that the design they show you haven’t been used.

  1. Do they use WordPress?

Ask the web designer Adelaide what technology they used to design the website. Ask them whether they use WordPress or not. All professional website agencies use WordPress to create websites. It is a safe and easy-to-use platform that offers various ways to design an appealing website.


A WordPress site can be modified without any technical expertise. With its intuitive and easy-to-manage Admin dashboard, you can customize the site’s heading and layout right away. If you want to design an eCommerce website, your designer should advise ZenCart or Magento.

  1. Do they offer a transparent fee structure?

Before finalizing a website designing agency, ask for a quotation. Compare their quotes with multiple agencies and choose the one that fits your budget. Always sign a contract to avoid future misunderstandings. Agencies may or may not charge for any small changes. So it is good to clear all your doubts before.

  1. Will the site be search engine optimized?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary for website success. A company that holds years of experience in website designing knows all the strategies of SEO. Ask some questions to the agency to check whether they have basic knowledge of SEO or not.

If they are not able to answer your questions, find a new one.

The agency that you hired for website development should optimize page titles, page descriptions, and headlines on your new website. SEO strategies include much more than page titles, page descriptions, and headlines. So once your website is ready, hire a professional SEO expert to optimize your website for overall success.

  1. Can you make changes to the website?

You don’t want to call your website designer every time you need to make some change. WordPress is easy to use, and your website designer should allow you to make changes or add new pages without going back to them. It’s good to know how to edit your website without any help from a developer.

If you are not able to make any changes, then your website is not in your control. And each time you ask the agency to make some changes, they charge some fee. So make sure your website is easy to handle and doesn’t need frequent maintenance.

  1. Where will my site be hosted?

You must be the owner of your domain name. It is good to host your website on the well-known server rather than use the shared package that your website designer may offer you.

You’ll get a better measure of hosting, which is essential for your site visitors. You need security that your website is unavailable on the internet; a professional company will take care of the issue quickly.

  1. What if you don’t like the service?

While you can not measure the process and work quality at the beginning of the website design process, but at any point, you realize that the service is not upto the mark, then you can withdraw your contract.

You should take care of this while you’re still on speaking terms!

Check there is any chance they can meet your expectations, whether there will be any exit costs, what happens with any custom code, etc. It’s good to discuss all this at the start.