Top 5 android app development trends you cannot afford to miss

Top 5 android app development trends you cannot afford to miss

With more than 71 percent of the market share, Android has been the most popular smartphone operating system ever. The official Google Play Store boasts of more than 2.8 million apps making it one of the major marketplaces for your apps. So, how would you ensure that the app you created stands the test and stands out of the competition?

If you want to find your app successful and stand out from among the other apps, there are a few tips and trends that you need to follow.

Top 5 trends to follow so that your app stands out of competition

The top trends you can follow to be at par with a few of the top-end apps out there can include a few of the following options.

1.     Machine learning and AI

The focus on cloud computing has made it absolutely essential and important to equally pay attention to machine learning and artificial intelligence. The use of AI is set to improve your productivity levels by over 40 percent. Of course, you will need to train the neural networks to understand the actions. Once that done, the app does not need any sort of unnecessary load on your device. The focus on AI has been forcing almost all well-known app developers to make use of the trend in their apps.

2.     Internet of Things

Internet of Things or IoT was a unique concept when it was launched a couple of years ago. These days, it has become a simple and most commonly used means of getting things done. The smartphone of today has become a kind of control center or remote for everything around you. There are hundreds of smart devices that you can control with your smartphone app and a few of them can include smart TV, smartwatches, sports bands, and other wearables. The smart lights can be yet another excellent option you would find rather impressive.

3.     Augmented reality

Augmented reality or AR has been yet another latest trend and has been one of the strongest options for the best experience in terms of an improved app experience. The concept has become one of the prime assets in a mobile app development and is expected to grow to up to $ 285 billion by 2023. This can be one of the excellent options for creating an artificial world to replace the real-world scenario. It can provide you a great deal of information in improving the entertainment level.

Pokémon Go was a case in point and redefined the concept of augmented reality to a better extent. You can even use it for a mocked-up arrangement of furniture in your room or trying a dress without actually wearing it.

4.     Multiplatform development

Yet another trend in the Android app development that has become quite effective and one most looked forward to is the ability to create a multiplatform development. While it is true that the Android ecosystem has been quite an effective and efficient means of getting your app popular, other platforms such as iOS and Windows (or even Mac, for that matter) have been one of the wisest choices.

Investing in an all-development technique that lets you build your apps in a cross-platform capability should be one of the important trends. Platforms such as React Native have been useful in simplifying your cross-platform app development. Usability of the code between Android, iOS, and web apps can be one of the prime options.

5.     Chatbots

Chatbots can be a great option for a perfect user support, and can also be a great option for engaging in a talk with the users. The conventional chatbots can prove to be quite effective in enhancing the user experience to a greater extent. Instead of searching for the information, your client or customer will be able to find the information right away by specifically asking for it. That can perhaps be one of the unique concepts that have been developed over the past couple of years.

Following the trends in the Android app development arena can definitely be the stepping stone for ensuring that your apps stay afloat in the face of the competition. In fact, leveraging the latest trends in the tech arena can indeed be the best option to achieve a better degree of success. Make sure you have a team of highly experienced app developers and that way, you can be assured of a great degree of success.