How Content Marketing Can Help SaaS Companies Find Higher Quality Leads

How Content Marketing Can Help SaaS Companies Find Higher Quality Leads

When SaaS companies invest in creating a SaaS content marketing strategy, they are often confused or unclear about how customers will actually discover and interact with their content. While content marketing in general is not as easy as just generating a large number of low quality content pieces, SaaS companies in particular need to meet specific goals with their content. This is mainly educating their customers on the problems that they may be inquiring about, and selling them on the fact that a software subscription is the answer to these problems. This is, of course, a hard sell, and a SaaS company that can educate customers but can’t sell them on their software through their content is going to have a hard time generating high quality leads in the way they want to.

To combat this, SaaS companies need to invest in multiple types of content, which can be provided by an astute content marketing agency, to connect with leads where they are online. This can include anything from a podcast, to long-form blog posts, videos, or even social media posts depending on the type of SaaS software. In doing so, SaaS companies are going to have to think beyond their own needs and make an investment in a content engine that may not pay off immediately for them. With that in mind, here is what SaaS companies can do with their content to attract higher quality leads.

 Match content with lead type

Every type of lead has different needs, and it is important that SaaS companies use their content to target the leads that they think will convert the best for them. The lead type ultimately depends on the niche that the SaaS company is targeting. For example, a software targeting tech companies and solo entrepreneurs might have better luck with a podcast, while a software targeting a construction company may have better luck with instructional or educational videos on YouTube. It all depends on what type of lead you are looking to generate, and where you think they would most likely to discover your content and engage with the specifics problems that your SaaS solution seeks to solve.

Targeting content correctly

It’s not enough to just produce quality content on the right channels. The content you create also has to be geared toward that channel. Although you can recycle content concepts, that doesn’t mean you can create a word for word reproduction of a long-form blog post on a podcast or a video that is just a filmed podcast (that is, unless you are Joe Rogan). In reality, you need to make sure that your content types are providing value and are geared toward the specific medium that people are likely to engage with.

This means you should go on Google and other platforms like YouTube and see what type of content your competitors are releasing. If you see that it is being engaged with at a high rate, you may want to do some further content competitive research to see if you can replicate their success. If their content marketing efforts are not bearing fruit, then it is probably time for you to reinvent the wheel and go all out in creating the right content for each platform and making sure you target it accordingly.

In summary

Finding better leads is a challenge for all companies, specifically SaaS companies who need to continually sell a licensed subscription to their software. However, by using the right content, and targeting it correctly toward each channel, SaaS companies can best leverage their content marketing efforts to find the highest quality leads possible who are already interested in their authority and expertise within their SaaS niche.