How to Manage a Number of Users on Your Application

How to Manage a Number of Users on Your Application

If you are planning on building out your JavaScript application and you know that you need to have several users on the app, then you will need to keep several things in mind before you start coding. Multiple users can make the process of programming your app a bit more complicated, but it doesn’t need to take up all of your time and effort to make a great product.

Here are some simple ways to integrate some coding solutions so you can build your app out easily.

Consider your bandwidth

When you are first creating your app, you probably do not need to make it with the idea that hundreds of thousands of users will be on it. However, if you don’t leave some room to change your code in the future so you can continue to add profiles and add new features to your site, then you are likely to run into some problems and bugs. You’ll want to discuss with your team a reasonable number of people you think will sign up and code around that.

Think about simplicity

You can always add features in the future, but in the beginning when you are starting to build out the bones of your app, the fewer options you offer users, the better. While it can be easy to explain this to a new client, it can be much harder when it is your own project and you feel the need to provide users with a number of features. This is where a good UX designer can help you since they can do some research into what users are expecting and what items you can leave out in your first itineration of your app.

Use a tool

You can bypass a lot of the coding dirty work by using a tool. Instead of building some of the required features from scratch, you can use a tool like Next.js authentication, which easily makes forms that allow for better conversion. The truth is that oftentimes these tools can help you to avoid a lot of the bugs that come with coding on your own. Consider which areas of your site can be streamlined by using a tool that benefits you and that will help you focus more time on creating a quality experience.

Update your dashboards

After you have your app up and going, you’re going to want update your dashboard on a regular basis in order to make sure that when you do add new features, they look and function how they are supposed to. It’s likely that every time you add something new, you’re going to want to do some thorough testing of your dashboard and see if there are any bugs on a number of different screen types.

In summary

Coding for a number of users can be difficult, but you can simplify the process by following these steps and remaining as simple as you possible can in the beginning. This can help to ensure that your job is much easier and that users feel satisfied with what you’ve created.