How to Create an E-Commerce Store that Sells Without Complicated Code

How to Create an E-Commerce Store that Sells Without Complicated Code

When you are starting your e-commerce business, one of the first things you might be concerned about when you go to create your store is how your website will function and how you are going to keep it updated without technical knowledge. Jumping into online entrepreneurship can be a challenge when you feel as though your coding skills aren’t up to snuff. Fortunately, there are some ways you can build out your store without having to use complex Javascript or CSS.

Here’s how you can create a business that will get you up and running before you know it.

Use a platform

If this is your first leap in running a business online, then it might be worth it to consider using a platform in order to make the process simple and easy. It’s easier than ever to pick a website that works for your type of business model and that offers basic features that can help you get started. This can be extremely helpful if you don’t plan on building out a bunch of content, but you want to be able to direct people to a site.

Pick an easy template

Even if you choose a more complicated hosting option for your site, you can still use an easy template that will allow you to make changes without having to drive deep into the backend of your site. WordPress builders allow you to build out at site without requiring digging into your code. However, do keep in mind that if you go this route, you might want someone there who can speed up your site if need be and direct you when it comes to your content and SEO.


Building a quality site, even with an easy template and without any major customization, takes time. This is why those who are just looking to have the site ready and available might want to look into hiring someone to help out. Outsourcing to a web designer can be highly beneficial since it allows you to focus more on your business and less on the aesthetics and features of the site itself. Just make sure to let your design know that you want it to be user-friendly so you can go in and make changes as needed.

Use a tool

Using a tool like headless commerce can be a great option when you want to have a flexible site that gets the job done but you don’t want to miss out on certain features. A tool like this allows you to separate both the front and backends of your website, which can make it simpler for you to add new features, fix your checkout page, and make changes to product pages as you go.

In summary

You don’t have to be a master coder in order to have an e-commerce store that sells products. In fact, sometimes the most successful online businesses are ones that have simple sites based off a template.