Risk Reduction And It Procurement Decision-making Made Effortless- Oracle License Management

Risk Reduction And It Procurement Decision-making Made Effortless- Oracle License Management

The world is set for a significant disruptive technological uptake. The digitization and digital transformation have occurred mostly after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and dealt a massive blow to every economy and corporation worldwide. With digital transformation becoming indispensable, software services and ITeS have become necessary.

Still, confusion exists amongst the domain of the two and the kinds of tasks that these are set to manage. Most businesses perceive IT and procurement as separate operations, and even after the integration of several facilities in the pandemic-hit world, this view has persisted. Oracle license management has been developed as a pathbreaking solution to manage software licensing, IT, and procurement and enable businesses to make efficient decisions to encounter financial windfall and attain their organizational objectives.

Challenges concerning operational and regulatory risks:

Once a business increases in magnitude, and there are several stakeholders in a place like several vendors, consultants, and even personnel managing hardware changes, there could be the introduction of a lot of chaos in the company’s activities and how it has active control over its software licensing, deployment and usage. In the year 2021, according to market research experts, the growth of companies along with their ancillary stakeholders has given rise to several operational and regulatory risks. Most of these growing businesses are exposed to such risks, which can be enlisted as:

  • Disruption in the IT ecosystem
  • Compromise of and over data
  • Resilience risk
  • Theft and fraud
  • Risks arising from and including third-party service providers
  • Conduct risk
  • Regulatory risk
  • Organizational makeover
  • Geopolitical risk
  • The well-being of employees.

Today’s critical business insights and perspectives are pretty complex and force companies to operate within volatile environments and encounter complicated regulations. But with the rise of AI codes, IT ethics, and values that were non-existent until sometime back, the technologically foresighted team of Oracle license management wishes that every regulation be turned into an opportunity, and the IT tide changes course to protect and create values across companies. What lessons can a business learn from all these and effectively execute to outperform its competitors while maintaining sustainable growth in the entire ecosystem?

  • Leadership qualities- the ultimate strength and know-how to lead
  • Navigation qualities- bypassing complex situations and maneuvering them with ease
  • The use of disruptive technology will help in performance acceleration through constructive management of operation and regulatory risks.

The power of Oracle:

There is a growing contention amongst companies and their employees about whether IT or procurement is responsible for managing software use, understanding licensing policies, and ensuring compliance. While this bone of contention grows in size, Oracle license management is performing its job seamlessly to maintain the mutualistic symbiosis of both IT and procurement in managing software license usage and ensuring compliance.

Shielding companies from operational and regulatory risks, leading, navigation, and using disruptive technology are hallmarks of Oracle and the way it is paving the future for a sustainable world with innovation and disruption at each step.

What is Oracle’s licensing management service?

The licensing management service constitutes a team of Oracle’s finest software licensing experts invested in providing objective software license assessments to Oracle customers and partners. These people are recruited from the best software personnel who understand the IT and procurement details and compliance structures regarding them and the underlying risks and protocols.

How does Oracle’s licensing management service bring about a change in the IT world and make it more responsible?

The Oracle license management service aims to use AI and other technological innovations for the benefit of humankind. Since these are basically problem-solving tools mimicking human intelligence, hence they offer tremendous promise and could bring about a positive change in the near future. But there’s a dark side as well. The IT world is not free from threats from competing for financial incentives to social manipulation and cyberattacks.

This is where Oracle’s license management services come into play and enact their role in taking down those threats and malpractices. Fundamentally, the software licensing experts who have years of experience under their belts working at Oracle’s licensing management division provides-

  • Relevant advice
  • Responsible education and
  • A massive set of tools to manage software licenses.

Oracle’s license management service team ensures that they provide their customers, partners, and every other stakeholder with the right kind of Oracle assets that they can leverage to meet their requirements and even optimize the use of such software license structures.

Components of Oracle’s licensing management services team:

Oracle’s license management team is a diverse, global organization with its own units that are always working in tandem to provide the best solutions to their stakeholders. They offer several services to their customers, and these levels of service are practically no-cost services. The teams that form the super-functional Oracle’s license management group are-

  • The managed services team
  • The advisory services team
  • The compliance review services team.


With such a disruptive and highly functional team in place, Oracle is constantly helping its partners and customers to reduce their financial, legal, regulatory, and operational risk exposure. For example, in the US, the legalization documents of a company require the certification of software assets. With the help of Oracle license management services, companies or funded startup enterprises can file their software certifications with the confidence of Oracle backing them. The risks associated with the lack of software license management are totally mitigated!

Oracle license management systems are also increasing the awareness of software license management practices amongst customers and partners. As a result, these customers and partners can also benefit financially and legally while understanding and implementing the best procedures and controls of software/IT product licensing. They can also make the best decisions regarding software license capacity and usage. It will lead to a future of best practices regarding decision-making related to IT procurement services and associated know-how.

Thus Oracle is finally bringing in a disruptive change with its state-of-the-art software licensing team and ushering a world full of better IT ethics and informed decisions. There will be lesser regulatory penalties as well. With the help of Oracle’s vast assets and its license management team’s know-how, the IT ecosystem is sustainable and secure!