Is Yubo For Dating? How Yubo Brings People Together in a Friendship-Oriented Environment.

Is Yubo For Dating? How Yubo Brings People Together in a Friendship-Oriented Environment.

Yubo is a live social discovery application that was first founded in 2015. Established to help its users connect with one another on a platform for genuine friendship, Yubo aims to ignite connections that are not intrinsically romantic.

Far from a dating app, Yubo seeks to connect individuals in a comfortable, safe, and welcoming environment by utilizing technology and human moderation.

Let’s explore Yubo’s world to understand better the application, its mission statement, and what users can expect from the experience.

Make Friends Around the Globe

We live in the era of instant communication. From Snapchat to Facebook and every platform in between, people want to connect almost instantly. With so many online platforms, only some surprising focus is on Generation Z users.

Yubo aims to facilitate connections between Generation Z users on a platform where everyone feels welcome and ready to share. At the core of all user experiences, Yubo wants people to feel both safe and comfortable.

According to a report by Yubo, nearly 95% of all platform users belong to Gen Z, ages 13 to 26. To help foster support for such a dynamic range of individuals, Yubo has installed a variety of safety standards.

Most interactions on Yubo are geared toward small groups of users meant to replicate real-life interactions. Yubo provides its users access to a series of tools to break the ice and build momentum as they seek to engage with and make better friends.

Overall, Yubo is committed to improving and elevating the world of online social discovery.

Yubo Has Strong Safety Standards

Even though Yubo is NOT a dating application, and the platform team knows they need strong safety standards to help facilitate positive outcomes. Yubo has implemented a blend of technology and hands-on moderation to make this happen.

 Yubo utilizes live moderation tools powered by Human Safety Specialists to intervene in areas where users break the rules. This best-in-class technology puts Yubo ahead of many competitors while providing instant support in severe circumstances.

The development of this live-streamed moderation was introduced in 2022 and has paid significant dividends in the intervening time since.

Additionally, Yubo requires all users to read and accept the Community Guidelines to apply for and get accepted on the platform. A living document that is constantly being updated, Yubo refers to its community guidelines.

Yubo states, “Everyone should be able to feel safe and comfortable to be themselves, online or offline.”

Ultimately, Yubo empowers its users to make better decisions while offering them the support they need to thrive in a communal environment.