A Guide to Promote Your Tech YouTube Channel with Email Marketing

A Guide to Promote Your Tech YouTube Channel with Email Marketing

We’re living in an age where we see new apps popping up every day. However, YouTube and emails are the two channels that have withstood the passage of time. YouTube has over a couple billion logged-in users per month. Whereas email is a medium with a return on investment (ROI) as high as $42 for every dollar spent. You can combine the power of these two mediums. This way your audience engagement can skyrocket and help you grow your tech YouTube channel. This blog post will take you through how to do it.

The Junction of YouTube and Email Marketing

In your digital marketing plan, YouTube is a key medium for viewer participation and content marketing. Since videos make you connect with your viewers. It also makes you known on the online stage.

At the same time, email provides a link directly to your audiences’ inbox. You can have direct personalized communication with them through it.

If merged, they can help boost traffic on your tech YouTube channel.

Building An Email List from Your YouTube Channel

Making an email list demands calculated planning. A tried and tested method of doing so is to motivate your viewers to subscribe through video content. As your captivating videos keep viewers hooked, it’s also important to direct them to act. Further, you can use end screens or annotations to direct them to your sign-up page. YouTube end screens and cards will also be useful as they promote email sign-up directly in the video. Video descriptions are used for this purpose too.

Additionally, contests, promotions, or giveaways are also a good way to build your email list. Viewers can provide their email addresses for a chance to win. For example, a new tech gadget can be the prize of the contest which viewers can enter by giving their email addresses. Attractive calls to action (CTA) are also beneficial so that people know exactly what they’re gaining from subscribing. Another strategy is to offer something worthwhile in exchange for your email address, e.g., eBooks, etc., so your subscription rates can be boosted.

Hiring an email marketing specialist is also an option if the task gets too daunting for you. They will craft an effective email marketing strategy and help you increase your subscription rates.

Segmenting Your Audience

If you want to increase your engagement on your YouTube channel, segmenting your audience according to their interests, demographics, viewing habits, etc., is a good option. Send targeted emails this way. This increases the likelihood of participation. You can begin by identifying different groups on your channel.  This can range from simple differences like new and old followers. Or divide them according to the viewership on different topics. Subsequently, you can match your content to each group’s interest. Send emails that go with your segmented audiences’ enjoyment, so that your YouTube viewership can increase.

Craft compelling email content

Start with making relevant content for the emails after segmenting your audience into various groups. This is the most important part. The content of your email will encourage people to flock to your YouTube channel.

Include visuals

You can use visuals to appeal more to your audiences. Attaching a thumbnail or a screenshot of a video may make people more interested in your content. Moreover, add an attractive GIF, or use charts or graphs to show, for example, your increase in viewership. Including visuals helps to hold your reader’s attention too. Our brains process visual content faster than the written word. Therefore, a cold and impersonal email won’t quite have the same effect as a captivating well-laid-out email would. You can use technology email templates from PosterMyWall to design a beautiful, properly structured email.

Subject lines

The first step should be to write a gripping subject line. Most people open promotion emails based on the subject line alone. Try to make it interesting so that it arouses your audience’s interest and motivates them to read it.

Make sure that you keep the email brief but meaningful. Viewers usually just skim through the emails, as opposed to the time they take watching YouTube videos. So, you need to get to the point quickly and effectively here.


Newsletters are basically like newspapers which we send through emails. It’s a useful way of connecting strongly with your audience and building engagement. They help in building the trust of your viewers. In addition, it keeps your viewers informed about everything related to your channel. Newsletters can include tidbits of upcoming videos or videos you’re currently working on. You can also include behind-the-scenes content. Discount codes on various tech devices or free courses on anything tech-related are useful options too.

Product reviews

Product reviews from customers are important to further enhance your YouTube channel. Your good product reviews will make people subscribe faster to your channel. Individuals prefer to buy things that have lots of five-star reviews. Further, they tend to consider these reviews before buying. What better way to let your viewers know about them than to include them in your email? Make sure you include reviews that are brief and to the point. Moreover, include reviews that emphasize your most important value points and are product-specific.

Promote specific videos through Email

Emails are an incredible way to increase views on your YouTube videos. One of the ways to do this is by recommending new videos to your list. After uploading a new video, send emails to subscribers with a link to the video provided. This will ease access and boost your viewership. Furthermore, you can provide exclusive content to your email subscribers. Like exclusive videos, or early-access content so that they feel special. This is a very strong and effective tactic to encourage people to subscribe to your email list.

Using Email Analytics to Improve Your YouTube Channel

Email analytics can help you with boosting your audience numbers. They provide crucial data to help you navigate according to the audience’s preferences. For example, if an email with a specific video gets more engagement than others, you would know your audience likes that kind of content, or presentation, more. On the other hand, if an email promoting a video gets a lower click-through rate, that’s an indication of your audiences’ dislikes. They may not like that topic or subject well. These insights, if used effectively, can significantly increase your engagement. In this way, you can provide tailor-made content to your audience according to their preferences.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

You should try to steer clear of some common mistakes. If avoided, your subscribers will be engaged in a better way. Firstly, if there’s a bombardment of emails on your viewers, they’ll quickly unsubscribe. Make sure there’s a balance. You should keep them updated, while also giving a gap so as not to make the emails irritating. Secondly, make sure you make them effective for mobile viewing. In this age, mostly mobile devices are used. Consequently, people prefer opening their emails on them too. Making them customized for mobile screens will be more compelling. Lastly, make sure your email list remains fresh. Keep updating it to add new addresses and remove inactive ones. Potential subscribers can also be referenced through an extension to discover emails while remaining mindful of their privacy.

Concluding Thoughts

Promoting your YouTube channel through emails is a vigorous strategy that can be effective if used correctly. It keeps you connected with your audience on a personal level while growing your YouTube channel at the same time.

The details determine the success of this plan of action. Your knowledge of your audience, the relevance of your content, and how well the audience understands or relates to it, all play a role in it.  If you play it well, more than growing your YouTube channel, you might even start making money through it.