How do web browsers support DRM-protected video?

How do web browsers support DRM-protected video?

Many popular websites nowadays use DRM protection to safeguard their content from unauthorized access. Google Widevine is the most popular DRM platform used by many popular organizations and content creators to distribute premium content safely. To protect the content from unauthorized access, DRM protected content Widevine will not allow higher resolution playback on android devices and web browsers that haven’t enabled Widevine. Other DRM platforms also use similar security measures to protect the content from piracy and unauthorized access.

How Does It Work?

The developer encrypts the premium content using a DRM platform, after which the content is streamed online. Whenever a user clicks on the content to play it, the platform asks for a license key or some sort of authorization chosen by the content provider. Once the authorization is completed, you will be given a decryption key to decrypt the video for playback. However, sometimes the user may encounter issues even after subscribing to watch the content. For this, you may have to check your browser setting to make sure that DRM is enabled.

How to Play DRM Content on Web Browser?

If you are encountering problems in opening DRM protected files on your web browser, you can try the following methods:

  • Based on your browser, go to settings, Add-ons, and check whether the Content Decryption Module is updated; if not, update the module and restart the browser again.
  • Check whether the Content Decryption Module is enabled for full access. If it is disabled, enable it and restart the browser.
  • Check whether your antivirus is blocking the software from full access.
  • You can also delete, re-install, and update the plug-in; most of the time, it resolves the issues.
  • If the problem still persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the browser.


DRM platforms like Wideviine have become extremely important as more and more content is sold online. More and more organizations are using strong encryption to protect the premium content from theft and piracy. So, if you want to watch DRM protected content Widevine videos, make sure that you have the decryption key or authorized access. And also, check whether the web browser is configured to play DRM-protected videos.