An Interactive Video Wall in San Diego That Saves Lives

An Interactive Video Wall in San Diego That Saves Lives

All industries change over time—some just change at a more rapid pace than others. The audiovisual industry is one that is constantly changing and innovating. Video walls are a fairly recent AV innovation. They are multi-monitor displays used for a variety of purposes. You may have seen video walls in places like entertainment venues, museums, or retail locations. They can be used to entertain, teach, impress, or even attempt to sell you something.

With the advancement of video wall technology, interactive video walls became the next iteration. As the name implies, these high-tech displays allow individuals to interact with the video content through touch or other means (such as a smartphone or tablet).

At the University of California, San Diego’s Center for the Future of Surgery (CFS), the interactive video wall has been taken to a whole new level. They have dubbed their interactive video wall the “Wall of Knowledge.” Not only does it allow current and future medical professionals the ability to learn and grow in their surgical skills, but it also offers them the opportunity to develop and refine new and cutting-edge surgical techniques that have the potential to save lives!

The Wall of Knowledge is connected to the CFS’s highly advanced hybrid operating room. It displays video and images from several medical imaging devices and cameras, and gives the surgical team the ability to view real-time video content. Not only can the team view the content, but they can also cross reference the live data with archived data, access other content from the internet and computers on their network, and allow multiple users to add annotations as needed.

Unlike typical video walls, this one had to be robust enough for heavy daily use, and also be responsive when used by those with gloved or ungloved hands.

Fluid Sound, an audio video integrator based in San Diego, was the company that was chosen to design and build the complex interactive video wall in partnership with the CFS. They were selected based on their strong reputation in commercial AV design and installation, as well as their experience working with MultiTaction (the manufacturers of the multi-touch displays and the accompanying software used for the project).

The end result is a cutting-edge interactive video wall that has been called “a cohesive digital experience that ties medical and AV devices together into a complete solution that is as functional as it is high-tech.”

CSF Director Dr. Santiago Horgan, MD said, “The Center offers surgeons of all specialties a rare opportunity to train on the newest techniques and technologies outside of a live operating room. This is where the next generation of surgeons is acquiring hands-on knowledge and experience to provide patients with the best, safest operations possible.” The interactive video wall is just one more way that the CSF is able to help future surgeons learn and develop new techniques that will help save and improve the quality of lives of their patients.

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